The mission of TAURUS is to bring together the traditional finance and the emerging digital assets worlds

We believe that blockchain technologies will sustainably and positively impact our economy, and that digital asset management will eventually merge with that of traditional financial assets.
TAURUS founders have many years of proven experience in the financial services and trading sector, having held executive positions in major Swiss & European private banks and hedge funds. The leadership team also includes renowned experts in cryptography, IT security and blockchain technologies.
TAURUS goals are the
1. Build the world’s leading and most secure digital asset platform
That allows private and institutional investors, as well as financial institutions to trade, invest and protect digital assets.
2. Highest institutional standards
Abide by the highest institutional standards and ethical principles.
3. Develop the best talent
Attract, develop, and retain the most talented people, from both technical and financial backgrounds.
4. Contribute to a better understanding of blockchain
And digital asset opportunities and risks through public outreach, knowledge sharing initiatives, and public policy discussions.
The right team in place to deliver
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