TAURUS offers high levels of security to gain the trust of its customers and has substantially invested to reach this goal.
TAURUS information security and risk management strategy
was developed in order to minimize the risk of lost funds, while offering high availability and the best possible user experience. This strategy revolves around three pillars:
TAURUS includes and works with internationally recognized experts having proven experience in the security of blockchain technologies, fintech products, and trading exchange platforms.
Multi-signature and secret sharing techniques serve to mitigate the risk of insider fraud. Internal and third-party security audits are performed before each new production release, including source code reviews and red team assessments. Before integrating a new cryptocurrency, we perform a strict due diligence to assess its safety.
The TAURUS products adhere to security requirements in compliance with the Cryptography Currency Standard (Level III), notably regarding wallet creation, key storage, and audit logs. Furthermore, TAURUS is one of the few digital assets platforms to build its cold storage solution using tamper-proof Hardware Security Modules (HSM) to hold private keys and perform transaction signature operations.
Our security strategy is inspired by our experience with information security development in leading financial organizations and cybersecurity companies.
Further information is available to clients upon request.
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